The NightShift is a soundboard prank call series made by Sgt. Paul Wall and Wilson Screwjack. The series, which began in July/August of 2013, contains a mix of vocal/soundboard work. The series’ claim to fame is the fact that it has managed to bring the staff of a Super 8 Motel to believing that the pranksters have been experimenting
Super 8

The Super 8 Building.

in three-way calling, thus making it an international incident. In all actually, no such thing has been performed, leading to a hilarious case paranoia within the staff. 

The title of the series is a nod to the fact that most of the calls are made in the night hours, with the same set of easily recognizable victims. Those involved with the series recognize it in three “waves”, The First Wave, The Second Wave, and The Third Wave.

As of February 2, 2014, Wall and Screwjack announced their "hiatus" from the Super 8 building they had originally based the series on. They planned to return April 1st, 2014, but this decision was later changed, and an indefinite hiatus was decided. The leave was chosen to be taken due to worries of legal interference. While on break, Wall and Screwjack called other Super 8 establishments, thus furthering the series. The calls have not been released to the public.

On Febraury 12, 2014 The Nightshift officially ended. The cancellation was not made in response to the legal worries mentioned above, but instead due to an agreement between Wall and Screwjack that the series had run it's course.

Origins: The First Wave (August-November 2013)Edit

The first calls made to the motel were conducted in late July/early August of 2013 by Sgt. Paul Wall. The first calls were made using the Springfield Pervert soundboard, and were met with positive reception with all but one front desk attendant. One employee, Danny, is an especially big fan of the soundboard, usually welcoming calls by Springfeel.

This era is also notable for the laid back atmosphere surrounding it, Sgt. was able to frequently interact with the attendants in a friendly manner, with no hostility. During one call, Danny stated that the motel enjoyed the calls, saying that they “made the days interesting”. And encouraged the occasional call or two. By late September of 2013, prankster Wilson Screwjack was in on it, and the calls were made in partnership.

"RoseFest": The Second Wave (November 2013 -February 2014)Edit

The positive atmosphere associated with the calls lasted until late October/early November of 2013, when an event, lightheartedly called RoseFest by the pranksters, occurred, nearly by accident. A front desk attendant for the Super 8 by the name of Rose was on shift the night the calls took place. Known for her bitterness towards the pranks, being agitated by them nearly since inception, the callers on a whim continuous flooded her with calls in response to her attitude.

While there has been some regret for the event, due to the extent of it, it has been accepted that ultimately the calls turned the series in a much more interesting direction. After that night calls to the motel were halted for several weeks, giving the victims a well deserved break. Once continued, reactions toward them changed. Most of the victims were quick to hang up the minute they caught on, a change from the usual playfulness. Even Danny, a fan of the calls, resented them, but since came to be open to them once again. With the unwelcome atmosphere came a new twist in the way in which the pranking was conducted. Along with the regular use of soundboards, Sgt. Paul Wall and Wilson Screwjack began to introduce voice work into the calls. Usually posing as victims, only occasionally posing in the place of the soundboards, they began to lead the motel to believe that the pranksters had begun working with three-way calling.

By pretending to be multiple nationalities, the victims began to believe that the pranks had become an international incident, with front desk attendant Rose frequently expressing that she had complained to the manager and called the police, to no avail. She has also began taking down names and numbers of alleged “victims” and handed them over to the manager of the motel. The series continued to go in this direction until it's demise, and the victims believed it. There is some speculation that the word eventually got out, due to the fact that during a voice call to the motel, employee Victim #3 stated that she new that it was the pranksters on the other end of the line. It is unknown whether or not the rest of the establishment are aware. On February 2, 2014, in conjunction with the planned hiatus, the original Super 8 motel involved was called and told by the pranksters that the calls were a part of a "social experiment" for a psychology project and that they were over. It is unsure whether word was spread to the other victims.

Nothing to the extent of Rosefest was ever performed after that night, due to regret and an understanding for the victims in the respect of call quantity. Calls drastically reduced to a lower number.

Hiatus: The Third Wave (February 2014)Edit

On February 2, 2014 Sgt. Paul Wall and Wilson Screwjack began a hiatus from the Super 8 which the series originated. This move was made after employee Danny revealed that legal action was apparently being pursued for the calls. Rose has also stated that the management has been in contact with the police. The pranksters hoped to return to the establishment on April 1, 2014, but this decision was later revoked, and an indefinite hiatus was decided. 

The series moved to several other Super 8 motels, all within a close vicinity of each other. This, coupled with the planned hiatus, brought the series into it's "third wave". 

The call quantity dropped significantly in the series' last several months, most often due to the fact that the pranksters involved felt guilty for the volume of calls. They also believe that through lowering the quantity, the quality would improve. 

"Punk Ass Kids" And "The Big Daddy's Pizza Incident" Edit

Sgt. and Wilson began to use the name "Punk Ass Kids" Incorporated when engaging in certain calls, most often when pranking Rose. This was an inside joke related to a time where Rose, unwittingly setting the phone down wrong, thus keeping the group on the line, expressed her frustration to a fellow worker, referring to the pranksters involved as “punk ass kids”. Ever since the title became a running gag during calls, most often with Rose, but occasionally the title has been used in the presence of other motel attendants.

In January of 2014 an event referred to as the “Big Daddy’s Pizza Incident” was conducted. Sgt. Paul Wall dialed a local Big Daddy’s Pizza restaurant chain, a nod to the soundboard prank calling community.  Sgt., using the name Rose, ordered a large cheese pizza and addressed it to the Super 8. The pranksters half-heartedly called her in advanced and asked her what toppings she wanted on her pizza, after hanging up on the call Sgt. responded with “I guess pineapple it is”. The prank led to a furious Rose, and the calls were once again put on hiatus for a several week period.


The last call to the Super 8 motel was conducted on Febraury 12, 2014 by Sgt. Paul Wall. The call was answered by Victim #3, i.e. Bride of Springfeel. The Bailbondsman was utilized, with Wall having him say "Well goodbye, I'm hanging up now. Bye...." The front desk attendent then preceded to state "You know I just traced your number right?" As the call was being directed, presumably to security or law enforcement, the prankster ended the call. 

One February 16, 2014 the pranksters said their goodbyes to Rose, who proceeded to hang up immediately. 

Post-Finale Edit

On April 1, 2014 (April Fool's Day) Several calls were made to the Super 8, utilizing Frank Garrett and the Bailbondsman. The pranking was done within a twenty minute period. These calls were the first made in almost two months. The event was a stand-alone. 


Despite intitially having no plans to release the calls, Wall and Screwjack have ultimately become interested in uploading the saved recordings online. It is unknown at this time when they plan to begin doing this. 

The current state of a possible Rose soundboard is unknown. 


  • Danny - Front desk attendant at the Super 8 motel. Known for his especial liking towards the series, especially Springfeel. (i.e. The Cumguzzler)
  • Rose - Front desk attendant at Super 8. Of Spanish descent, known for her general bitterness towards the calls. Began an all out self righteous quest to end them. (i.e. Biggest Fan)
  • Rose's Boyfriend - Lover of said Super 8 employee. Not much is known about him, as he only made a total of two appearances, but stands out for threatening to slice the pranksters up and eat them on a pizza. (i.e. Rose’s Lover)
  • Victim #3 - Front desk attendant at Super 8. Little is known about her either, besides the fact that early on in the series’ history she would playfully flirt with the Springfield Pervert, at one point asking him to come and see her once she ended her shift. (i.e. Bride of Springfeel)

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