The Original Seven Mile OG
Original Seven Mile OG


Prank Call Victim



Detroit, Michigan


possibly middle aged


African American



The Original Seven Mile OG (aka Seven Mile Man aka Get to work on your ass guy) is a soundboard prank victim who was discovered by Whoruandwherdyoulive in April 2012. He was called by Angry Detroiter and Irate Black Man [1] who he thought might be a bill collector he claimed to cuss out every day. His soundboard was then used to call another man who lived near Seven Mile [2]. Aside from once yelling "hold it, hold it!" at the Irate Black Man soundboard, the Original Seven Mile OG remained very calm for most of the calls while still throwing a good share of insults and threats at the callers. When on the phone with Dwayne the Angry Detroiter, he asked Dwayne if he wanted his adddress, said he was on  the corner of 7 Mile and Moross and challenged Dwayne to meet him. Usually when called a bitch by a soundboard, he would reply by saying the caller´s "mama" was a bitch.


  • "Man, why do you keep calling my house?"
  • "Keep fucking with me and I´m gonna get to work on your motherfucking ass"
  • "Keep fucking with me and I´m gonna GET-TO-WORK-ON-YOUR-ASS"
  • "I´m a black motherfucker like you sound like"
  • "Don´t you know that I can find out who the fuck you are you dumbass mothafucker?"
  • "You probably is one of those mothafuckin bill collector's whom I cuss out - every - motherfucking - day"
  • "How could you be as old as you are playing on the goddamn phone?"
  • "Do you want my motherfucking address?"
  • "I'ma get to work.. On yo Aissss"
  • "I´m right here on Seven Mile. Seven Mile on Moross."
  • "Yo mama´s a bitch"
  • "You make sure you prey that I neeeeever catch up with yo mothafucking ass okay?"
  • "Fuck yo momma. I let u fuck her. I let u do it."
  • "No that´s not all I can say, I can say your mama´s a bitch. How bout that?"
  • "You sound like some kind of peckerwood"
  • "You give me your address..nigga"
  • "It will not work out for ya baby. It will not work out for ya believe me."
  • "Mothafucking shit you bitch mothafucka"
  • "Why are you playin on tha fone then, why don't you come and do it"
  • (Probably to his wife) "You got this asshole recorded?.."

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
April 10, 2012 Angry Black Guy and Irate Black Man call Detroit Whoruandwherdyoulive Angry Detroiter
Original 7 Mile OG
April 10, 2012 Angry Black Guy (and friends) call a 7 mile OG Whoruandwherdyoulive The (new) Seven Mile OG [2]