Top Ten Soundboard Voices: 

1. Frank Garrett  

The man, the legend, no disputing his place as the king. 

2. Philly Thug

A very brief "career" with only one call ever made to him, noteworthy by his unusual fusion of ghetto but intelligent lines.

3. Officer Powell, Cleveland Police 

Even for a cop, had the high ability to state the ridiculous in a professional authoritative manner 

4. Mad Mopar Man  

The most extreme transition from chill to angry ever seen in any call 

5. Stilwell Grandma  

Howls on par with Don Walser's yodeling 

6. Rick the Mullet Man  

Some people just don't give up, with longevity in their counter threats. 

7. Chris the Hacker  

The Neo of the prank caller world, served often as narrator due to his ability to actually fight via the IP Addresses of the Skype callers 

8. High Redneck 

One of the few victims to actually recognize his own voice used in a soundboard calling him. Also was inadvertent creator of Philly Thug.

9. Bailbondsh  

At one point tells his own life story 

10. Drug & Alcohol Lady  

Unusually harsh for a help line, making it all the more humorous. 

honorable mentions: Jackass Plumber, Tom the Pissed Off Roofer, Springfield Pervert

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