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Towing Guy
Depiction of Towing Guy


Prank Call Victim


Impound lot employee


Cleveland, Ohio


early to-mid 40s





The Towing Guy is a city worker for an impound lot in Cleveland, Ohio. He was discovered by enjoiCam in August 2009 using the Sal the Bar Guy soundboard.[1] He was subsequently called by Duncan's Mother's Friend, Racist Redneck and Jackass Plumber.

Towing guy speaks Serbian language.


  • "Yeah?"
  • "Hello?"
  • "Ok. How are you?"
  • "Alright. How are you?"
  • "Well what's goin' on?"
  • "This is TOWING sir."
  • "How can I help you sir?"
  • "I...don't know what you're talking about sir."
  • "Hey! Who's this?"
  • "Are you there?"
  • "How are you there when you're not there?"
  • "How much money you got?"
  • "Yeah that seems to be kind of a problem nowadays."
  • "It sounds like it."
  • "Hey you didn't even hear what happened, did ya'?"
  • "(talking to someone in the background) This guy calls, like, once every two weeks whoever the hell that is."
  • "Heeey! (laughs) How'd you know?"
  • "The booze or the broads?"
  • "Your momma! Your momma's face!"
  • "Oh, ooooohh!"
  • "Oh you know her too?"
  • "Oh yeah? Well your momma was here a little bit ago. She was doin' that for me."
  • "Man..oh yeah. Yeah man. She wanted it all night long."
  • "Whose mother's house?"
  • "You know what? The part I liked, the part I liked about her was when you used to spank her on the left ass cheek. Or was the the right ass cheek?"
  • "I'm from CLEVELAND, OHIO."
  • "I told you where I'm at."
  • "What do you mean what state am I in?"
  • "Well you should know. You called!"
  • "The City of Cleveland impound lot retard!"
  • "Well come down here!"
  • "I don't think so. Are you there?"
  • "Are you still shining shoes for a livin' or did you graduate?"
  • "You like shining brown shoes or do you like shinin' black shoes?"
  • "When you shine shoes do you also shine socks? Or do you try to stay away from the socks?"
  • "Hey do you still shine shoes? Or do you shine the socks?"
  • "That's all you do? That's tough."
  • "You just stay at home, smoke crack and call people?"
  • "16th Street? Can you FIND your way to 16th Street crackhead?"
  • "I'm in the state of confusion like you are crackhead!"
  • "How much crack have you smoked today dude?"
  • "Is that all you do? You sit around all day and smoke crack, call the city impound lot, and make threats?"
  • "Have a nice day." (very sarcastic)

Quotes in Serbian language:Edit

  • you speak Serbian or Croatian language? You want to suck my cock  " Ti govoriš Srpski, Hrvatski jezik? Ti hoćeš da duvuješ moj kurac?"
  • You want to suck my cock, you know what that is? "Ti hoćeš da duvuješ moj kurac, ti znaš šta je to."
  • You love,you love cock! "Ti voliš, ti voliš kurac!"

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
August 19, 2009 Sal, Chris the Hacker & Home Alone Kid tear it up! (Special Treat at end) enjoiCam Towing Guy Original call. [1]
August 25, 2009 Duncan's Mother's Friend TEARS IT UP!!! enjoiCam Towing Guy [2]
August 30, 2009 The Racist Redneck RAMPAGE !!!!!!!!! enjoiCam Towing Guy [3]
September 13, 2009 THE PLUMBER............ HAS RETURNED!!!!! (+ a message to chris) enjoiCam Towing Guy [4]
September 26, 2009 The Towing Guy (New Soundboard!!) Rampage!!! enjoiCam Chris the Hacker [5]
September 26, 2009 The Towing Guy (New Soundboard!!) Rampage!!! TheHoboMolester5000 Chris the Hacker [6]



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