Trufucknplaya calls Duncan
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Trufucknplaya calls Duncan is a soundboard prank call made by Trufucknplaya.


Call #1

[*phone rings*]
Duncan: Hello.
Trufucknplaya: Hey Frank! How are you?
Duncan: I'm pretty good.
Trufucknplaya: I think you're a jackass.
Duncan: You know and you'd probably be one too but you wouldn't know what a jackass is!
Trufucknplaya: Well I know what a jackass is and it sure looks like you! (pause) Hello?
Duncan: Let me ask you somethin' cap.
Trufucknplaya: Alright, go ahead.
Duncan: Have you got somethin' better to do than fuck with me today or somethin'?
Trufucknplaya: No, I don't.
Duncan: Good! Well just don't .. call me back then.
Trufucknplaya: I'm gonna call back if you hang up. So don't do it!
Duncan: You silly son of a bitch. You hide behind the telephone..[unintelligible]
Trufucknplaya: I ain't hidin' behind no telephone, Frank. I told you to give me your address and I'd get a flight down there and come after you.
Duncan: Don't give me this "Frank" shit. You don't know me that well.
Trufucknplaya: I know you well enough to kick your ass!
Duncan: C'mon!
Trufucknplaya: I told you to give me your address.
Duncan: Bring it on goddamn it! I live at Rt. #1, [P.O.] Box 127.
Trufucknplaya: Well thanks for your address, jackass!
Duncan: Yeah? Thank YOU jackass.
Trufucknplaya: Fuck you!
Duncan: Why don't you come on down here you silly cowardly son of a bitch and I'll show you a trick.
Trufucknplaya: You can't whoop nobody's ass! You too old.
Duncan: [*hangs up*]
Trufucknplaya: Hello?

[End of call]


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