USA Gym Guy
USA Gym guy
Original Depiction of USA Gym Guy


Prank Call Victim


USA Gym owner


Dallas, Georgia


early to-mid 40s





USA Gym Guy (also known as Testosterone Man; real name: Steve) is a prank call victim who was discovered by Biteyourthumbsoff in August 2007. He is the owner of a USA Gym in Dallas, Georgia who was first called by Ricky Roma demanding his $6,000 back ... and one Cadillac.[1]

USA Gym Guy shared a similar personality to Duncan, who would be discovered a month or two later, and had an arsenal of clever insults in his own right. The victim begun to have a small following in the soundboard community, with RedDaVincy even designing a victim soundboard,[2] and Biteyourthumbsoff made a follow-up call to the gym with Gangsta Girl. The sudden popularity of Duncan, however, may have overshadowed the call series which eventually fell into obscurity.

Candidfellow, an early fan of the series, created a series of parody videos in the spring of 2010 which featured "hypothetical" conversations with Angry Black Guy and House of Power Guy, the latter a trash talking gym employee previously discovered with the USA Gym Guy soundboard.[3][4][5]


  • "USA Gym."
  • "Who is this? Ricky Ricardo?"
  • "Well what can I do for you Ricky?"
  • "Well I'm Mickey Mouse."
  • "Run that by me again ace?"
  • "You guido motherfucker!"
  • "Well congratulations. $6,000. It could have been $10,000. What do you want me to do about it ace?"
  • "I don't give a fuck, I'll cost you ten thousand dollars next time you fuck with me." (in responce to the line "You just cost me $6000.")
  • "I got a big dick too!" (in responce to the line "You know you got a big mouth?")
  • "I'm right here you needle dick butt-fucker."
  • "Oh just jump up a hog's ass and go eat a ham sandwich. You know what I'm talking about you ignorant motherfucker?!"
  • "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT, GODDAMN IT!? Make up your damn mind. You want your $6,000? Come on up here and git it!"

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
August 24, 2007 Al Pacino calls USA Gym Biteyourthumbsoff USA Gym Guy Original call. [1]
November 26, 2007 Gangster Girl Calls USA Gym Biteyourthumbsoff USA Gym Guy [6]
August 27, 2008 USA gym guy calls some gyms Trendyrapslut Various [7]


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