"Ventrilo Harassment" is the standard title for a soundboard prank call conducted on the unsuspecting members of a Ventrilo (or "Vent") chat room server, wherein people freely communicate primarily by means of Voice over IP (VoIP) propietary software. Although the prankster can be ejected and banned based on their IP address from the Vent server at any time, like any other chat room, doing so requires the presence of a Moderator, and there is no "phone" which can be hung up, thereby disconnecting the call. In this regard, it is somewhat different from using VoIP phone software, such as Skype or Google Voice, to call a business, residential, or cellular phone number and aggravating whoever may be on the opposite end of the line.

Additionally, "prank calling" a Vent server, which can support anywhere from eight (using the Freeware version) to four hundred (on a rented server) people, can be considered more akin to invading a phone conference and being placed on speakerphone; hence more potential victims. Peggy is often considered the most notable victim of these types of prank calls. When a successful prank on a Vent server is uploaded to YouTube, the general naming convention used for the video title is calling it Ventrilo Harassment: followed by the name of the soundboard used (e.g., Ventrilo Harassment: Duke Nukem).

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