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Vietman calls The Chinaman was a prank call made by zarkrell on June 5, 2011 to the Chinaman, using a Vietman soundboard. This is the first new known "Victim" call to Chinaman since the original 3 calls of several years ago. The Vietman calls the Chinaman looking for his friend "Chan". At first Vietman explains that he does not speak english and asks Chinaman to speak in Vietnamese. Chinaman reveals he is proficient in Vietnamese, revealing that he in fact "The Chinaman from Vietnam" or indeed "The Vietnameseman" as some fans have dubbed him.

Chinaman (from Vietnam) naturally tries to find out who the Vietman is looking for, repeating several of his classic lines, such as "I call the police?" and "Who are you looking for?", now in an entirely new language. Vietman accuses Chinaman (from Vietnam) of being a liar and of speaking excellent english, threatens to kill Chinaman, and asks him what "motherfuck" means, all in Vietnamese. Chinaman (from Vietnam) accuses Vietman of being crazy and spelling "Chan" wrong. He threatens several times to call the cops, and finally, having had enough, hangs up (presumably to call the police), ending one of the best prank calls of 2011.

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