Original Depiction of Wackjob




Prank Call Victim




Unknown, possibly Texas


early to-mid 40s







Wackjob (also known as Mr. Psycho) is a prank call victim who was discovered by Pranktz in April 2013. He is presumably the father of "That Family", a group of victims Bail Bondsman had called previously.[1]

Wackjob proved so popular that a mini victim soundboard was created by Bubbacalling using Prank Hill's SBMaker program.[2] Both Nomadcowatbk and SyntheticPranks have both used the soundboard to make calls of their own.


  • "Hey!"
  • "Listen to me..."
  • "It's you again."
  • "You hear me you FUCKING ASSHOLE?!"
  • "You're callin' me."
  • "Listen, you-you're calling me."
  • "How about if I stick a DAGGER up your FUCKIN' NOSE you asshole?"
  • "I'll FUCKIN' wring your neck! You hear me?!"
  • "Go suck a dead niggers dick! Suck it you fuckin' asshole!!"
  • "BLOW yourself you fuckin' dickhead! And then go BLOW your brains out you fuckin' asshole."
  • "Don't call here again you fuckin' motherfucker!"
  • "Don't ever call here again you fuckin' dickhead motherfucker!"
  • "I'll wring your fuckin' neck you dickhead!"
  • "Suck a dead Mexican's fuckin' dick you cocksucker!"
  • "You're there in fuckin' California you fuckin' asshole."
  • "Get a fuckin' life you DICKHEAD."
  • "Lick yourself! Go beat your meat!"
  • "Go do somethin' else with your fuckin' life you asshole! You hear me?!"
  • "Go and lick a dead nigger's DICK!"
  • "Go suck a dead Mexican's fuckin' DICK!"

Prank CallsEdit

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
April 2, 2013 Bail Bondsman... GET THE FUCK OFF THE PHONE!!! YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!! Pranktz Whackjob's family [3]
April 4, 2013 Bail Bondsman calls "THAT" family back Pranktz Whackjob Original call. [1]
April 21, 2013 Bondssheo's Pranktz Whackjob [4]
May 4, 2013 Grand Theft Bondssh LXIX Pranktz Whackjob [5]
May 6, 2013 Alimony Pranktz Whackjob's son [6]
May 13, 2013 Bail Bondsman versus "That" family Pranktz Whackjob [7]
May 19, 2013 Wackjob Introduction SyntheticPranks Various [8]
May 19, 2013 Mr. Psycho calls payphone Nomadcowatbk Various [9]
June 9, 2013 THAT family! THAT family! THAT family! THAT family! THAT family! THAT family! THAT family! Pranktz Whackjob [10]
June 18, 2013 "That" family: THE MOVIE!!! Pranktz Whackjob's family [11]


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